JCurve helps your business grow
Begin with accounting, then turn on additional features when you are ready
Don’t drown in spreadsheets or systems
Streamline your business for future growth with JCurve
- a smart, integrated cloud accounting and ERP business
tool specifically customised for growing SMEs
Become a business of the future
  • Powered by Netsuite the #1 globally in cloud ERP
  • Integrates accounting and payroll, inventory management, CRM, eCommerce and more
  • Intelligent software that supports your growing SME
  • Drives decision making with personalised dashboards
  • Reduced IT costs by 50% or more
  • Advances productivity with anytime, anywhere access
Accounting software that works harder for your business
  • Real-time financial reporting from summary to detail
  • Automates your financial management, revenue management, fixed assets, billing and more
  • Reduces invoicing costs by 25%–75%
  • Accelerates financial close by 20%–50%
  • Reduces audit preparation time by 50%
  • Reduces days of sales outstanding (DSO) by 10%–20%
It’s time your financials spoke to your sales and marketing information
  • Visibility into your sales, services and marketing performance
  • Elevates productivity with a 360-degree view of your customers
  • Improves sales performance and productivity by 15%–20%
  • Reduces customer service call resolution times by 30%–60%
  • Greater marketing campaign ROI
Seamlessly link your financials with inventory and orders
  • Centralise your end to end business operations
  • Real-time visibility from dashboards across stock and sales
  • Integrated eCommerce to support all your buying and selling
  • One complete view of your products, services and customers across your whole business
  • Reduces overall inventory costs by up to 15-30% and improves ROI
  • Improves customer service efficiency by at least 30%
  • "As well as the numerous efficiency gains we’ve realised since implementing JCurve, I also feel very reassured in knowing that as our business changes and grows, we can add the functionality we need."

  • "We realised that we needed an all-encompassing solution to manage the whole business. It was also really important to us that the system we chose was highly scalable, as our business was growing at 400% per year, so we needed to know that we could add another 30,000 customers and the system would still be able to cope."

  • "In comparison to other systems I know, JCurve is just so clear and easy to use. Where other companies have to use multiple systems to get the information they need, I’ve got it all in one system."

  • "What I liked about JCurve is that it was easy to make the transition. I didn’t have a lot of time, and the JCurve team understood I’d need to make the move at my pace. That said, we were under pressure to make a change quickly as our business was growing fast and we needed to get our systems sorted out."

  • “JCurve is the only hosted solution that gives us an end-to-end process for accounting, CRM, supply chain and Ecommerce, all under one umbrella. We will be able to drive efficiency and it will make us a more sustainable operation.”

  • “We are thrilled to now have an efficient business management system which can facilitate the business’ continued growth and prosperity. We have just implemented the payroll system within JCurve and I’m confident the benefits of using the system will keep coming.”

  • “JCurve leaves the other accounting systems for dead – both Cloud based and traditional. And if you want CRM, as well as sophisticated inventory, you have to go with JCurve.”

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