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JCurve cloud ERP software is affordable
for small and growing businesses

Jcurve is the small business edition of NetSuite allowing businesses to get started on the NetSuite journey earlier.

Compare the paths your business could take:

Without JCurve

Licensing, upgrade and maintenance costs for multiple systems required for business functions

Without JCurve cloud ERP diagram

Hardware and IT Infrastructure expenses to support multiple on-premise software installations, as well as IT headcount and operational staff coverage of disparate systems.

without jcurve cloud ERP description

Staff training on multiple systems, each with their own User Interface and workflows

With JCurve

Licensing expenses for a single system:

With JCurve cloud ERP unified solution diagram


JCurve is a cloud ERP system delivered via web browser, so all you need is internet access.

A unified system sharing a single database with customisable dashboards for critical business data analysis

Staff training for a single unified platform

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Savings you can expect with JCurve cloud ERP

JCurve clients have experienced:

Reduced days of sales outstanding (DSO) by 10-20%
Cut order-to-cash process by 50%+
Reduced audit preparation by up to 50%
Reduced IT costs – with full cloud based functionality costs can be reduced by up to 50% by eliminating upfront and ongoing IT expenditures, and delivering automatic product upgrades
Slash overall inventory costs by 15-30%
Reduces customer service call resolution times by 30-60%
Reduced Data Entry with a paperless workflow
Reduced training costs
Reduced implementation costs upgrading multiple systems
Improves sales performance and productivity by 15-20%
Accelerates financial close by 20-50%
Improved data integrity with a single source of truth in the one database
Faster shipping, and reduced risk of cancellation orders
Drive efficiencies across your business with task automation
Improved morale from fewer tedious tasks for employees
Greater marketing campaign ROI
Better, faster decision-making with real-time data availability driving reporting, and personalised dashboards

An investment in JCurve has shown time and again to deliver significant positive ROI

Sales orders

Smoothly fast-track order-to-cash processes with automated workflows that eliminate bottlenecks, lower administrative costs, and reduce errors


Manage supplier relationships with complete visibility across the purchasing process using JCurve cloud ERP software for small business

Inventory Management

Optimise stock levels with complete control and automated reorder points to reduce shelf-time and overheads


Comprehensive order fulfilment controls help reduce your cycle times and shipping costs while increasing your on-time delivery rates


Drive efficiency and visibility through the sales process, helping you to grow your accounts, win new customers and close more deals faster

Customer Service

Empower your team with a 360-degree view into each and every customer relationship

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