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TransferMate streamlines your payment processing

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A smarter way to send and receive payments

International payments made easy with TransferMate

Streamline your manual payment processing

Mass payment processing has been a time consuming process for businesses, manually entering each payment into their bank. And for businesses whose bank provides the facility for mass payment file processing, many incur international wire fees and receive poor exchange rates. TransferMate can streamline your manual payment processing and save you time and money.

TransferMate provides a new payment button inside your Netsuite or JCurve ERP edition and is the smartest way for customers to make international payments from within their Netsuite or JCurve ERP account.

Better exchange rates

TransferMate lets you send and receive international payments with more favourable exchange rates than your bank. For receiving payments, payees are given the option to pay in their own local currency or in your currency. The funds transfers can then occur faster and cheaper than using bank facilities.

TransferMate has more favourable exchange rates than banks
FHL SuiteApp provides automatic posting of TransferMate transactions to NetSuite

Automatic posting to NetSuite

TransferMate transactions post directly to your JCurve or NetSuite account. This eliminates any double entry between your bank account and NetSuite. Currency gain/loss is also seamlessly captured and recorded. International payments have never been easier, using the TransferMate application.

About TransferMate

TransferMate Global Payments offer a smarter solution for businesses worldwide for sending and receiving international payments.

Their online platform and global banking infrastructure empower them to virtually eliminate the cost of sending international payments by collecting and sending payments using TransferMate’s own local bank networks. Clients can then benefit from better exchange rates, lower bank transfer fees and direct integration into your NetSuite or JCurve ERP account.

TransferMate has helped over 35,000 clients worldwide change the way they send and receive international foreign currency money transfers. Employing some of the best minds in payments, compliance and fintech globally, the team at TransferMate are constantly innovating to keep their range of solutions being among the best in the world.


“As you know we are we have just recently started using TransferMate and we are very pleased with the way it has made the whole process of making and recording overseas payments much simpler and with much less data entry. We have not quite gone through a whole purchasing cycle to see how this affects our reporting but so far we are happy with the way it is looking.

We have found the TransferMate team excellent to deal with throughout our set up and the support has been really helpful from Blaine, Karen and Barry, our questions/problems have been dealt with really quickly and effectively.”

– Yvonne Hort, Adage Furniture.

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