The business management software that supports faster success for furniture and homewares suppliers

The common dilemma for furniture and homewares suppliers

It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day running of your furniture and homewares business. There’s a lot to manage with purchasing, inventory management, tracking sales, and keeping financials up-to-date, and so much more – just to keep things running.

When your business is growing, it creates a flurry of activity. But dealing with manual processes, spreadsheets, and multiple systems can also mean late nights and added stress.

The NetSuite cloud ERP solution

NetSuite cloud ERP system is the world’s #1 cloud software suite. It gives furniture and homeware suppliers live visibility and control over showroom stock, distribution centres, e-commerce channels and outlet centres. Cloud ERP is giving back time, adding control, and delivering real-time visibility.


It’s time… To stop wasting your time on low-value tasks. NetSuite cloud ERP lets you work smarter by automating repetitive tasks.

Leverage inventory automation to make sure you have the right amount of stock to meet demand – without over-ordering and without the manual workload.

Put your business in a position to scale quickly by streamlining and automating processes. Save time, manage inventory better, and easily handle orders coming from multiple channels – whether that’s walk-in, eCommerce or other sales channels.


It’s easy to miss things when you’re managing everything with spreadsheets or accounting-only software. Furniture and homewares suppliers need live visibility across the business to anticipate issues and roadblocks.

Get a clear view of your product and material supply chain, lead times, demand, and more. Know your business position in real-time, react quickly to changes, and maintain healthy cash flow.

NetSuite’s cloud ERP solution delivers live dashboard views of critical business data, empowering agile, profit-driven decisions.


Without the right system and processes in place, errors can start creeping in. Manual data entry and duplicate records can create havoc for a growing business.

Gain control of your business and set a strong foundation for continued growth. Manage operations, inventory, sales and marketing, financials, and more, all from the one system – and have the confidence of working with one, true source of data.

With secure, role-based access, your entire team has data they need to make agile decisions within their parts of the business.

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What gives an ERP software the advantage over other types of business management software?

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Some of the well-known brands we’ve helped grow with the right cloud ERP solution include:

NetSuite cloud ERP – full of features that support faster success for furniture and homewares suppliers

Maximise warehouse efficiency, increase stock turn, and boost profit.

Manage inventory across multiple channels, all from the one system.

Gain real-time visibility across the business to make more agile, profitable decisions.

Anticipate demand fluctuations and react to changes quickly.

Handle multiple warehouse locations and inventory movement between locations.

Save time by automating landed costs, min/max stock levels, and more.

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