The cloud ERP solution that’s that’s boosting success for software companies

For construction and building materials suppliers, software is a crucial part of the mix

To become the materials supplier of choice, you need competitive pricing and consistent, efficient service.

Start with the right tools to build the foundations of business success and win more supply contracts. ERP business management software can help you optimise stock turn, know your seasonal trends or make quick and profitable business decisions.

NetSuite’s cloud-based ERP system is the business management software that delivers:


  • Inventory management functionality that makes stock optimisation easier
  • Analytics and business intelligence to help match supply to demand – even through seasonal and industry fluctuations
  • Clarity on your financial position with real-time visibility of your entire business

    Software companies need an agile solution to support their growth

    Manage resources more effectively

    A software company’s profitability relies on optimised resource allocation. The right team is important – but the right technology to organise and support them is crucial.

    NetSuite gives you a versatile resource planner showing your team’s allocations in real-time.

    Identify trouble spots, ensure on-time delivery of projects, and maintain control of resources and projects – all from the one system.

    Financials made for your business

    Software companies often have requirements to track recurring revenue from ongoing licenses, support and maintenance contracts.

    Manual processes to manage renewals and recurring revenue, however, can place massive strain on the business.

    NetSuite helps manage recurring revenue, comply with accounting standards, and handle subscription transactions seamlessly.

    Get ready to scale rapidly

    When your software company is seeing success, outdated business systems can hold you back. Start with the right foundations.

    A cloud ERP brings the ability to streamline and automate processes, helping your business become less resource-intensive and ready to scale.

    Go from a small company to IPO to thriving global organisation, faster.

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    Some of the well-known brands we’ve helped grow with the right cloud ERP solution include:

    NetSuite is delivering the framework for software company success:

    Improved fulfilment and inventory management processes, letting you increase stock turn and ship more product, faster.

    Eliminate process bottlenecks, making your warehouse and operations more efficient and cost-effective.

    Real-time reporting and visibility to make agile, profit-driven business decisions.

    Anytime, anywhere access from desktop, tablet or mobile device allows your sales force and other employees to stay productive in or out of the office.

    Increased sales performance with single-source data and better sales forecasting.

    Cloud deployment keeps initial set up costs down with no costly servers, IT equipment or IT maintenance staff requirements.

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