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Inventory management software giving you actionable insights and control


Gain a better view of stock and improve your warehouse efficiency

Having your cash tied up in stock can present big challenges. That is, if your supply and demand aren’t matching up. Are you regularly seeing stock write-offs and obsolescence or seeing issues with keeping track of stock?

It’s a common symptom of not having full visibility of your real-time stock position with live reporting for reliable demand fluctuation and trend information. If you’re not getting a clear picture of your fulfilment process and able to pinpoint bottlenecks and inefficiencies, you need a better inventory management solution.

JCurve one database inventory management software

JCurve ERP is an all-in-one business management solution that helps you see your warehouse and stock position clearly. Identify the inefficiencies and leverage advanced automation to improve your warehouse and business processeses, while taking away the guess work.

Then simplify it all with real-time dashboards, KPIs and reports, giving you concise snapshots of your warehouse and inventory performance.

Reduce costs and increase efficiency with a stock control solution

Reduce costs and increase efficiency

JCurve ERP’s sophisticated procurement, fulfillment and inventory management software allows you to record, analyse and report on your inventory; helping you manage your stock position and cost.

Businesses using JCurve ERP typically reduce inventory management costs by 15-30% and cut order-to-cash cycles by 50% or more.

Take control of your inventory – and your business

JCurve ERP’s inventory management software gives you back control of your business. It consolidates and replaces all your different systems processes and spreadsheets into one complete multi-location warehouse inventory solution. It’s a stock control system, order management system and inventory management system all in one.

With JCurve ERP, you’ll gain an in-depth, real-time view into your inventory and business performance. This allows you to streamline your warehouse and optimise inventory levels.

This saves you both time and money, allowing you to focus on keeping your business growing.

Take control of your inventory and your business with excellent inventory management software
Achieve faster stock turnover with a stock management system that works for you

Achieve faster stock turnover 

JCurve ERP inventory management software shares a common database with accounting and CRM, giving you accurate inventory to sales ratios and real-time insights into optimal stock levels.

This lets you turn inventory more quickly without disrupting order fulfilment, reducing cash tied up in slow moving stock and obsolescence.

JCurve ERP also lets you quickly adapt your inventory levels and costs to meet seasonal demand planning needs, allowing better fulfilment of orders during periods of high stock movement and reducing costly overstocking when demand is low.

Track every inventory transaction 

With JCurve ERP, every inventory transaction is captured in real-time. This means you can understand, control and optimise essential processes such as:

  • sales response
  • stock control and maintaining minimum stock on hand levels
  • customer order management and notification
  • customer service
  • financial and stock planning
  • profitability analysis

JCurve ERP makes it easy to manage Kits and Item Groups, set up Assembly and/or Bill of Material Items, track stock by different Units of Measure and use Matrix Items for products supplied in variations such as different colours or sizes.

Track every inventory transaction with JCurve stock control software

Manage multiple warehouses with ease 

JCurve ERP’s inventory management system includes multi-location inventory functionality that allows you to manage multiple warehouses and distribution centres. You’ll have up-to-date information about the location of your inventory, a clear view of stock levels and commitments, and you can easily record inventory movements between centres.

Manage multiple warehouses easily with JCurve inventory management software
Centralise and optimise your purchasing processes and automate re-ordering

Centralise  and optimise your purchasing processes and automate re-ordering

With JCurve ERP you can automate re-ordering of stock when levels reach pre-determined minimum quantities. This removes the need for time-consuming manual tasks such as monitoring quantities on-hand and generating purchase orders. It also reduces risk of oversights and delays, resulting in improved efficiency and reduced costs.

The purchase order processes allow re-order points to be set in line with analytics on historical purchasing data and trends. Accurate receipting of supplier orders also improves staff efficiency and accuracy of stock levels during the stock check-in process.

Automate landed costs for better profitability analysis

JCurve ERP automates landed costs calculations. The software adjusts the inventory asset value by including additional expenses associated with procuring and importing stock and receiving these items into the warehouse.

Using landed costs, you can have confidence in the accuracy of your total cost of goods sold (COGS) and inventory valuations – and in the accuracy of your profitability analysis against each sale.

Automate landed costs with JCurve inventory management software solution

Track every inventory transaction with JCurve stock control software

Track  lot numbers and inventory serial numbers

JCurve ERP inventory management software makes it easy to track serial and lot numbers. This is important for manufacturers and distributors who need to track items for quality control, compliance, service management, warranty management, product recalls or to deter stock theft.

With the use of lot specific costing, you can easily see the true profitability for each batch or serial number sold.

Streamline fulfilment processes

With JCurve ERP, you can streamline and automate your fulfilment processes. Sales transactions from reps or online flow seamlessly to the warehouse for immediate fulfilment. You can easily set drop shipments for orders to go directly from your supplier to your customer.

And by defining storage locations, you can improve stock handling for your warehouse staff. Your pickers can get more done in less time, so you can ship more product even faster, to more customers.

Streamline your fulfilment process with robust inventory management

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