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It’s common to implement an Enterprise Resource System (ERP), then once in place, leave it as is and overlook ongoing improvements and developments. Customers sometimes miss out on big efficiency savings because they’re simply not sure where to start.


There are many reasons why our customers seek a system review, including some you may find very familiar:

  • New avenues to drive sales have been put in place, such as opening up partnership or channel networks.
  • Some of your employees trained as power users have left the business, leaving you without highly skilled resources for system or data maintenance.
  • You’ve heard of new NetSuite features which have been released, but you aren’t sure how how to get the maximum benefit from them, or how to enable them.
  • You’ve changed the way you operate, or have launched new products or services that are needing you to change the way you do business.
  • After using NetSuite for some time, some inefficiencies have crept in and you feel it’s time to streamline and simplify.

What sets JCurve Solutions apart?

Our NetSuite experts have extensive experience across a wide range of market sectors. And because JCurve Solutions provides both NetSuite and our small business edition, JCurve ERP, our knowledge extends from the small business end right through to enterprises.

Our experts will spend the day on-site with you, to gain a complete understanding of your current functionality and any problem areas. Following the visit, you’ll receive a comprehensive system review document recommending areas for improvements and further efficiencies. A call is then scheduled with your account manager to walk you through the document and agree on priorities, investment needed and timeframes.

JCurve Solutions consultants provide a NetSuite health check to maximise your system efficiency

Key areas addressed in the NetSuite System Review include:

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General account setup and configuration

Checking enabled features to see what is and isn’t being utilised. Ensuring you are not missing out on new features and checking whether any features disabled at implementation could now be beneficial to you.


Reviewing the classification structure

Assessing Departments, Classes and Locations to make sure they are being used efficiently and to their full potential.

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Walking you through the full sales process

From lead management to opportunities, quotes, sales orders and invoicing. Analysing your current processes and suggesting areas where improvements can be made.



When NetSuite is first implemented, Marketing is normally scheduled as a ‘Phase 2’ project. Leverage all the reporting benefits of having your sales, CRM and marketing data all working effectively from the one system. Uncover deeper insights into your marketing efforts.

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Understanding your purchasing processes

Are your purchasing processes currently manual and time consuming? We’ll give you the right advice on refining and utilising the complete remit of NetSuite capabilities to streamline your procurement operations.

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Reviewing accounting processes

Are you making the most of the bulk processing queues available in NetSuite for invoicing or doing this individually? Simple back-end process changes can reap huge time savings, freeing you up to focus on the more important aspects of your business.


Improving your stock management processes

Are you using bins, multiple locations, preferred stock levels, reorder points or demand planning? We’ll go through your inventory and warehousing management to identify better efficiencies and best practice processes. Get the most from your inventory management software.

Further extending the value

Project management

As we review each section and process, we’ll work with you to identify what is and isn’t working. What are day to day challenges and in which areas would you love to simplify, streamline and improve? If you already have improvement plans and are struggling to get these off the ground due to time constraints, we’ll help you manage these changes.

We’ll work with you to project manage and deliver any system review recommendations uncovered.

End user training

If you have new employees or employees who would like to extend and build their knowledge of areas of NetSuite functionality, such as searches and reports, we’ll identify training requirements and deliver bespoke training courses to empower your staff.


JCurve Solutions is a NetSuite solution provider – one of the largest within Australia and New Zealand.

With over 550 successful implementations of NetSuite’s cloud ERP software, we have a proven team of NetSuite experts, with the right methodologies to improve your NetSuite system and help you get the most from your investment.


JCurve Solutions has been awarded NetSuite’s 5 star status and is a major Australian reseller and parter of NetSuite.

Our team is based in Australia to ensure the highest level of local support available to our customers.

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