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Be a business of the future with JCurve’s cloud ERP solution

Run your entire business on an all-in-one cloud ERP for small business, bringing together your inventory management, financials, CRM, sales and more

Start the NetSuite journey early

JCurve gives small businesses affordable access to the global #1 cloud ERP software, NetSuite. Our software for growing small businesses brings the core system functionality of NetSuite at a low cost-of-entry. With full inventory management, sales, CRM, financials, customer service and more, you can bring cross-department, real-time visibility to your small business at an affordable cost.

And not only that, you’ll never have to change your software again. Start with JCurve and grow into NetSuite as your business grows. A seamless upgrade path ensure you’ll still be using the same cloud ERP system to run your business.

Big business know-how and processes embedded

Integrating the right software with efficient, industry specific business processes is a key strategic decision that can have a big impact on the growth that your business can achieve.

Using JCurve, NetSuite’s ERP for small business product, efficient processes are embedded to let you get ahead of the competition. Businesses grow with JCurve.

Powered by Netsuite Cloud ERP

An All-In-One small business software solution

Inventory Management Software

Accurately manage, analyse and report on your inventory and reduce overall inventory costs typically by 15-30%. JCurve’s sophisticated procurement, fulfillment and inventory management software allows you to record, analyse and report on your inventory, helping you manage your stock position and cost. Enjoy full stock visibility in real-time too.

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Automated Inventory Management Software

With JCurve cloud ERP, businesses can streamline and automate a number of steps across their entire supply chain. Previously manual tasks such as generating purchase orders based on minimum and preferred stock levels can be set to automate re-order points, and drop shipments can be set up so stock can go directly from your supplier to your customer. The efficiency gains achievable through automation run across the business and often cut order-to-cash cycles by 50% or more.


JCurve provides barcode scanning functionality which automatically creates barcodes on all transaction forms (i.e. purchase orders, sales orders and invoices). You can also create barcodes on labels for packing and shipping, record the barcode number information and allow for management of an individual order.

Kits and Item Groups

With JCurve’s inventory management software, you can create a set of components that have been pre-determined to create a kit such as a Mobile Accessory Kit (e.g. Tough case, Bluetooth Headset, Selfie stick and Stylus) and Item Groups which allow templates to be built for new customers from the components that make up the Kits.

Assembly / Bill of Materials (BoM) Items

Set up Assembly / Bill of Material Items to track and manage the raw materials, sub-assemblies, parts, etc. that are needed to manufacture or produce your products for sale.

Landed Cost

JCurve’s inventory management software automates landed costs calculations, adjusting the inventory asset value by including additional expenses associated with procuring stock and getting items into the warehouse and available for sale. Using landed costs, your total cost of goods sold (COGS) and inventory valuations are more accurate.

Lot / Serial Numbers

JCurve inventory management software provides the ability to easily track serial and lot numbers, important for manufacturers and distributors who need to track items for quality control, service management, warranty management, product recalls, as a theft deterrent or other reasons.

Matrix Items

Use matrix items in the ERP system of JCurve to organise and manage products that are supplied in different SKUs according to one or more variations such as different colours, sizes, and/or other attributes.

Multi-Location Inventory

JCurve’s inventory management software includes a multi-location inventory feature that allows you to track the location of inventory when you have multiple warehouses and record inventory movements between them.

Units of Measure

All stock in JCurve can be broken down into various appropriate Units of Measure, then bought and sold accordingly. For example, you can create the Unit Type ‘Length’ and within it individual units of ‘metres’ and ‘centimetres’. The different units all benefit from Quantity Based Pricing as well as Sales and Inventory Reporting comparisons. This feature also makes it possible to match the units used in Purchase Orders from Customers and Bills from Vendors.

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JCurve Cloud ERP for Small Business Sales Dashboard


JCurve’s cloud ERP for small business allows you to create sales automation to proactively manage your sales pipeline and forecasts. Sales staff can create opportunities and quotes (which convert to sales orders and invoices), based on standard items and pricing in the system and also create specific campaigns to support their pipeline. Effectively drive sales performance and growth in your business.

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Sales Orders

JCurve Sales Orders record items and services promised to customers, allowing you to track and manage the delivery status and value of sales commitments, and are reflected in your inventory management software.

Lead and Prospect Management

Improve the conversion of leads to sales with improved visibility across your sales lifecycle through the sales cycle, from lead, to prospect then customer.

JCurve can allocate leads based on pre-determined attributes such as geography, product, industry or timing to the best suited sales rep automatically, improving their productivity and sales results.

Quantity Pricing

JCurve has full flexibility to use quantity pricing schedules to set up quantity discounts on products and services sold.

Multiple Price Levels

In JCurve’s cloud ERP system, you can set up different prices levels for each item and service. Custom prices can be set up based on customer types such as partners and high volume customers, or for different sales channels such as wholesale, retail or online. Fixed amounts or percentages can be used to automate calculation of each final price.

Web Orders

With JCurve’s range of eCommerce features, shopping transactions on your website flow seamlessly into your backend ERP system.

Quote creation and management

Easily generate quotes from open sales opportunities and improve visibility over your sales pipeline and stages of the sales cycle.

Sales Forecasting

JCurve lets you compile and calculate sales forecasts allowing to determine future requirements for production and inventory, and their associated costs and revenue.

Sales forecasting is one of the most important tools for the achievement of sales targets. Whether you are an executive viewing the company’s forecast at month end or a sales representative closing a deal, all of the up-to-the-minute information you need to make sound business decisions is just a few clicks away.


Opportunities are a powerful way to link the sales process with the customer buying process and feed into the sales forecast and pipeline. Effective management of sales opportunities allows sales reps to focus on relevant negotiations and meet sales KPI targets.

Sales Campaigns

Sales Campaigns enable you to send campaign emails to prospects and to view the interaction of each recipient with campaign response reports. This allows prioritisation of follow-up based on interest and helps sales reps meet their KPIs.

Team Selling

Assign staff to Sales Teams based on location, job role and other factors. Leads, customers and sales transactions can then be more efficiently assigned, for improved management, performance monitoring and commission and reward allocation.

Commission Management

JCurve delivers flexible sales compensation management that can easily configured with commission rules based on quotas, sales, quantity, profitability and other criteria. Data flows directly into JCurve’s payroll or can integrate with your existing payroll solution. Your sales team also has visibility into the calculations—ensuring they focus on selling and spend less time double-checking their commissions.

Upsell Opportunity Recognition

The Upsell Manager enables you to maximise sales and marketing efforts using product affinity analysis – determining which items present a good upsell opportunity based on other products customers have purchased. Customer transaction histories are searched and possible upsell items or item categories to recommend.

Selling Quotas

With JCurve, you can allocate and assign Sales Quotas to territories and sales reps.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) & Support

Gain a complete view of customers, suppliers, vendors and other critical stakeholders to effectively manage interactions and support services. JCurve small business CRM enhances the value of relationships, increases business insights and drives productivity.

JCurve ERP for Small Business CRM
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Contact Management

Grow your company and improve customer satisfaction with a complete customer-centric CRM solution. Build a history of your customer and supplier relationships with the ability to send and store all email communications against contacts in your system.

Case Management

Improve your customer support with JCurve’s Case Management. Prioritise and manage support cases by case types and origin types for more effective case management.

Support Escalation Rules

You can set escalation rules to a case if the assigned support rep cannot resolve it. You can escalate the case to any employee or employee group in your account and to vendors and partners.

Help Desk

The cloud ERP system’s Help Desk feature enables you to manage internal support cases submitted by staff and actioned by your Help Desk.

Inbound Case Email

With the Email Case Capture feature, you can set up an email address where customers can send issues to your customer support team, and the emails automatically become cases in JCurve. They can then be routed by your case rules and territories to be efficiently handled by your customer support team.

Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base feature is a valuable tool for organising and delivering information to your customers, employees, and others you do business with. You can publish a Knowledge Base with JCurve or in categories of your website, with the ability to publish separate knowledge base information to specific people, groups or roles.

Support Tracking

Support and case management allows JCurve SME CRM users to improve their responsiveness and level of service to their customers.

Duplicate Detection

In the course of doing business, it is common to have more than one record created for the same contact, customer, vendor or partner. JCurve’s duplicate record feature helps you find duplicate records and merge the information into a single record.

Customer access

Empower customers to place orders, view invoices and make payments using the Customer Centre within JCurve.

Partner access

The Advanced Partner Centre (APC) extends your sales capability while maintaining full control and visibility of the complete sales process. The APC gives your Partners access to their customer records and their sales pipeline. It enables them to enter leads and process orders. Your business will then be able to track Partner sales activity and view partner channel forecasts. You can even give channel partners access to your latest campaigns and product information. Additional fees apply.

Vendor access

The Vendor Centre gives your vendors access to view, search, and print purchase orders you place with them. Vendors can reference purchase orders on their own to answer questions, view order and payment history as needed. Vendors assigned to projects can also use the Vendor Centre to enter time worked on projects.


Users can choose from a comprehensive range of system-supported languages to be used in the JCurve user interface.

Time Recording

Use time tracking to record the hours worked by employees in your ERP system. You can also record billable hours and invoice your customers for them and record hours spent on each project and use time reports to plan for future projects and hiring needs.


JCurve allows you to create an HTML Intranet site to share content with employees within your business.

JCurve Small Business ERP System Accounting

Accounting & Payroll

JCurve accounting software for small business provides an integrated way to bank, invoice and manage your company finances. Take full control over your accounting and payroll* information with real-time visibility on bank balances, sales, upcoming bills, profitability and KPI’s.
* Payroll is an additionally charged module

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Accounts Receivable

JCurve cloud accounting for small business keeps your accounts receivable team ahead of the curve by providing more than just aged debtor reports. Proactively manage the money you are owed using automated reminders, collection notices and accounts receivables trend analysis.

Accounts Payable

Stay on top of your cash flow with a range of accounts receivable and payable reports and use an accounts payable register to track and manage payable transactions.


Set up and report on individual or combined budgets for customers, projects, items, departments, classes and locations. You can create your budgets within JCurve or use the CSV Import Assistant to import budgets from external systems and spreadsheets.

Financial Statements and Profit Reports

Choose from an extensive range of standard reports or create reports specific to your business to manage your financial position as well as profitability on real-time sales. JCurve lets you easily access and run your financial statements, including income statements, profit and loss, balance sheets, and cash flow statements.


JCurve automatically calculates GST and the amounts that appear in each box on the BAS, based on information within the ERP system. Tax Control accounts are set up to track your tax liabilities and provide more detail on your financial statements.

Payroll *

Take the pain out of processing payroll. JCurve streamlines your payroll with automated tax tables, superannuation, leave management and reporting. Full-time, part-time, casual and contract staff payments are supported and you have the flexibility to process pay runs weekly, fortnightly, monthly or as one off adjustment runs. Employees can directly access payslips and manage their personal details.

Create Australian Banking Association (ABA) files to effectively manage payment processing and super contributions via online banking. Comprehensive reporting is available on all payroll aspects including PAYG, super, payroll tax, employee annual payment summaries etc.

* Payroll is an additionally charged module

EFT, Direct Debit Payments

Use the EFT bulk payment function to pay multiple supplier bills in one transaction.


Help your employees save time by capturing billable hours directly within JCurve timesheets, and automatically post them to the correct account code, customer and/or project.

Purchase Orders

Use JCurve Purchase Orders to track items received and outstanding from your vendors, update JCurve’s inventory management software and to reflect committed expenditure in your financials.

Internal Purchase Requisitions

JCurve’s inbuilt functionality streamlines your internal purchasing processes and increases your workload productivity.

Bank Reconciliation

Import bank statements directly from your bank for easy reconciling and code your bank transactions to give you total transparency across your accounts. Download your bank statements on a daily, weekly, monthly or ad-hoc basis and save time each month.

Bill Costs to Customers

JCurve’s ERP accounting software automates billing costs back to customers for time, items, and expenses you incur while working on tasks and projects for them, saving time and reducing omissions.

Multi-Currency Transactions

Automatically handle multiple currencies, exchange rates and fluctuations for your customers and suppliers. Make use of an optional feature that automatically updates the latest foreign exchange rates daily.

Employee Expense Reports

Easily capture employee expenses directly within JCurve, automatically post them to the correct account code, customer or project and streamline the reimbursement process using JCurve’s payroll.

Department, Classes, Locations

Use Department, Class and Location categories so that you can manage cross sections of your business and report effectively – especially useful for companies that need to report on and analyse the various aspects such as profit and cost centres, product and service divisions, geographical locations or regions.

Timesheet Billing Classes

Create billing classes to set billable time rates for individual employees or groups of employees. Determine pricing for each billing class on service item records and enjoy correct pricing defaults when an employee enters billable time to invoice the customer.

Credit Card Management

Use JCurve’s integrated credit card functionality to efficiently process credit card payments for sales and website orders. You can manage card authorisation, fraud management and funds capture for all card-not-present transactions directly from JCurve. This end-to-end integrated solution automates the decision making process to accelerate your order-to-cash time and reduce the need to screen orders manually.

Accountant Access

With JCurve cloud accounting software, you can provide access to your accountant or trusted advisor to login and provide assistance to you whenever you need it. This accountant/advisor login is provided free of charge, in addition to the user licences you have purchased.


Connect your web orders and transactions so they flow seamlessly through to your back office. Manage pricing, stock and items, and accept Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT), credit card and PayPal payments via SecurePay payment gateway integration. Gain analytics and insight into your online customer behaviour and their purchasing habits.

JCurve Cloud ERP eCommerce Setup
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Website or existing site integration

Set up your web store using either JCurve SiteBuilder or Advanced SiteBuilder, or alternatively integrate your existing eCommerce Site with JCurve, allowing you to automate web orders and stock availability so they flow seamlessly through to your back office and inventory management software.

Web Tracking

Track each element of your website from customer details, shopping cart history and order status.

Content Management System

Keep your eCommerce site up to date with JCurve’s easy to manage Content Management System.

Online Lead Generation

Capture leads directly from your website using online forms that feed directly into your JCurve ERP system database.

Credit Card and PayPal Integration

Accept credit card and PayPal payments via SecurePay payment gateway integration.

Multi-Currency Web Store

Collect payments from different countries using the multi-currency eCommerce functionality of your cloud ERP system.

Gift Certificates

Create gift certificate items for customers to purchase and send to someone as a gift. The recipient can use the gift certificate when placing an order through your Web store or with a sales representative.

JCurve Small Business ERP System Order Management

Order Management

Streamline and manage your order fulfillment and returns effectively by using JCurve’s embedded business processes.

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Pick, Pack, Ship

The pick, pack, and ship feature allows greater flexibility to process and track the status of orders through the fulfilment and shipment processes. Increase accuracy by using separate transactions to pick the items from inventory, pack the items for shipment, and then ship the items to their destination. JCurve ERP order management software provides a streamlined order fulfilment process, with checks and balances are built-in to minimise shipping errors.

Drop Shipments

JCurve’s cloud ERP system fully automates the drop-shipping process, allowing you to have your suppliers’ ship directly to your customers. Benefit from savings on stock held to cover orders and increased customer satisfaction.

Return Authorisations

JCurve streamlines return authorisations by simplifying processes for customers who wish to return items for a refund, credit or exchange.


The ability to bring in new leads and to extend offers to existing customers is essential to any business. With JCurve’s marketing automation you can manage lead generation and campaigns to proactively market to your leads and customers based on their behaviour, including financial history, status or profile. Full ROI reporting means you know, to the dollar, how effective your marketing campaigns are.

JCurve Small Business ERP System Marketing Campaign
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Marketing Campaigns

JCurve’s integrated marketing tools allow you to create and track all aspects of your marketing campaigns. Measure your return on investment, determine which campaigns produce the most leads, and view reports of how many recipients are receiving your offers.

Lead Source

With JCurve analytics, you can track where leads are being generated from so you can see in your ERP system where you’re getting the best return on investment of your marketing spend.


Personalised communications with customers have been shown to increase response rates. JCurve’s mail merge feature allows you to easily personalise letters, emails, faxes and mailing labels from your JCurve data.

Promotion Codes

JCurve’s promotion code feature lets you extend special offers to prospects and existing customers to increase sales. Codes can also be set up in your ERP system for partner offers and in-built tracking lets you measure the success of your offers. Promotion codes can be accepted and applied on all or specific types of orders coming into JCurve.

Campaign Subscriptions

JCurve provides you with the tools you need to manage the email preferences of those you do business with.

JCurve Small Business ERP System Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Create sophisticated and customisable dashboards to get real-time visibility across the business including bank balances, sales, upcoming bills, profitability and KPIs with JCurve’s cloud business intelligence software. Understand true value-added insights and gain instant visibility to identify issues, trends and opportunities and immediately drill down to the underlying transaction and take action.

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Create unique dashboards in JCurve to view all your vital business information in one place. Get real-time visibility on bank balances, sales, upcoming bills, profitability and KPI’s, and include reminders, tasks and events on your dashboard so you don’t miss a thing.

KPI Reports

The cloud ERP system monitors your business KPIs to keep track of real-time business performance on areas that matter the most to you.


Create powerful reports based on vital metrics for your business. Choose from a comprehensive range of pre-built reports that can easily be customised. Export results into Excel, Word and PDF formats or schedule reports to automatically generate and email to stakeholders.

Productivity Tools

JCurve includes numerous productivity tools to let you run your business more effectively and efficiently – increasing your profitability.

Features - Productivity Tools
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Calendar, Tasks and Events

Delivering powerful calendar and activity management capabilities, JCurve allows employees to optimise their time using tasks, phone calls and events. Users can share calendars and develop schedules per project activity, to help business processes flow more smoothly. Individuals are empowered to manage their schedules more effectively, and managers have full visibility into the activities of employees on an individual or project basis. Tasks can either remind yourself of follow up action, or to send to other staff for action.

Mobile App

The NetSuite iPhone & Android apps, compatible with JCurve, provide access to key business information in your ERP system so you can monitor your business and interact with key contacts from anywhere at any time.

Document Management

JCurve provides document management facilities with an integrated File Cabinet and a total 10GB of storage space. More storage can be purchased as required.

Role based permissions

Your JCurve account will come with a standard set of role permissions, which you can assign to your users. You can also customise these roles to create assignable roles with specific permissions as per your unique operational requirements.

Anytime Access

JCurve is a cloud ERP system, so as long as you can access the web, you’re in business.

Email Integration

NetSuite for Outlook allows synchronisation of emails, tasks and calendar entries between Microsoft Outlook for Windows and JCurve.

3rd Party Integrations

3rd Party Integration API

If you have specific 3rd party applications for running your business talk to us about how JCurve’s ERP software for small business can be integrated to your existing solutions.

JCurve’s API opens up possibilities to leverage your JCurve account by integrating various 3rd party and legacy systems. This enables transactions and data to flow seamlessly between specialist packages and your JCurve ERP.

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Mobile CRM

JCurve integrates with Pepperi, the leading mobile CRM tool for sales representatives, field agents, and sales managers of wholesale distributors and branded goods manufacturers. Pepperi is an add-on module, additional charges apply.

Freight Integration

JCurve’s cloud ERP for small business seamlessly integrates with 3rd party freight providers. Additional charges apply.


The JCurve API allows your existing eCommerce Site to be integrated with JCurve, allowing automated flow of web transactions and stock availability between your site and your back office, including JCurve’s inventory management software.

Project Management

JCurve lets you proactively manage and analyse your projects. You can create resources and a commercial framework for projects and jobs. Also allocate resources, time, income and expense to each of your projects, giving you comprehensive information on project profitability. You can also assign your projects to sub-contractors and partners.

JCurve Project Management Interface
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Get Visibility Into Project Profitability

Track all the financial metrics of a project including budgets, estimates, work in progress, bookings, invoices, billing milestones, percentage complete and costs.

Easy Project Setup

Easily set up projects using project templates, utilise flexible project duplication options to create new projects from templates and flexibly assign resources.

Gain Complete Project Visibility

View the entire project plan with an easy-to-read Gantt chart and get a comprehensive real-time snapshot of project status — down to the task level.

Monitor Project Progress in Real Time

Record project issues down to the task level and track them with descriptions, severity, resolution date and assignment.

Create and Monitor Detailed Project Level Budgets

Create revenue and cost estimates for engagements and use “what if” scenarios to optimise price, margin, billing rates and staffing.

JCurve 99 Percent System Uptime

Additional System Features

As the world’s largest cloud ERP vendor, run by more than 30,000 organisations, NetSuite provides the cloud infrastructure to ensure businesses can run their business management applications in the cloud with complete confidence.

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Uptime guarantee (99.5%)

With a guaranteed 99.5% uptime, you can be comfortable that your business is in safe hands.

Daily Backup

Data is securely stored in multiple locations and backed up daily.

Free Software Updates

JCurve has two major ERP system releases from NetSuite each year, ensuring you always have access to the latest technology.


JCurve is customisable to suit your business structure and processes. From workflows to individual user dashboards, JCurve can be customised in many areas to suit your unique business requirements.

Custom Records and Fields

Capture the information you require by customising records and fields to match your business requirements.

Custom Forms and Layouts

Collect the information you require using customisable forms and select how you would like this information displayed.

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