Manage expenses quickly and conveniently

Business expenses can be time-consuming and admin-intensive. Too much time is often spent filling out claim forms, having accounting resources manually rekey data, and locating policy details to be sure about what’s claimable and how to claim it.

For finance staff, it can also be difficult to keep track of all expenses. Collecting the relevant receipts and locating them again when needed can be a huge hassle. The whole process ends up creating a lot of paper and even more administration work.

Save serious time with expensemanager’s cloud-based expense management software that provides automation, controls costs and gives you complete visibility of staff spend.

Expense manager offers

Manage expenses from your mobile device

Use your mobile device’s camera to snap and upload receipts, wherever you are. Create expenses immediately and approve expense claims on-the-go.

Upload receipts once, keep them on file forever

Receipts are stored securely in the expensemanager receipt vault. You’ll no longer need to hunt down physical receipts or worry about losing them.

Auto-scan and pre-fill expense details

The expensemanager OCR technology converts your receipt images into text, pre-fills the details, and matches to your expense records.

Fully configurable approval workflows

Workflows can be set up to support your specific expense approval process including multi-level approvals and approval value limits.

Smart mapping for further time-savings

Automatic coding for common expense types helps speed up the process, while providing user prompts to ensure coding is correct.

Auto email reminders and alerts

Automated reminders can be configured for expense submissions and approvals, helping to keep the process moving.

Generation of ABA files for easier reimbursement

Speed up the reimbursement and supplier payment processes with automatic generation of ABA files and Direct Entry files.

Digital receipts for zero manual handling

Digital receipts from merchants such as cab charges, mobile phone charges, and more can be received and processed electronically with no manual rekeying.

Accounts payable automation

The expensemanager invoice module also handles A/P. Eliminate manual data entry and automate your supplier payment process.